Glossary Entries

Glossary entries can be authored from anywhere and stored as blog posts on a wordpress server. The reason for this is that wordpress pages are standard HTML pages and therefore are readable through many systems without concern for what might happen to any one specific access mechanism.

The glossary entry has the following attributes:

  • A subject/term, which is the text it refers to, with ‘,’ dividing terms if there are more than one. For example, an entry might be ‘OHS, Open Hyperdocument System’
  • Short Definition:The first sentence will be part of the normal body text but may be treated specially by the reader application/system
  • Long Definition:The fully body text, which may contain any valid HTML formatting including links, though links are suggested in a following field
  • ‘This is a’ with autocomplete to specify what type of entity is referred to, such as ‘human, author, British’
  • Specified relationships with other glossary terms.The authoring application may provide this in any of several different interface styles but the result is that the user can semantic meaning which can be used in graphs such as:
    • was invented by [other term chosen]
    • is employed by [other term chosen]
  • List of URLs with suggested relationships, such as ‘personal’, company’ etc.

The post can also contain a reference to which glossary list it contains.

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