Glossary Entry Creation

The glossary entries can be created and stored as WordPress blog post articles with special, though human-understandable formatting using the Heading and body text only.

The author can create an entry in WordPress by simply assigning the Category ‘[Glossary Entry]’ and that’s all that’s required.

The user can also use external systems to create the entry in order to add further, useful meta-data, such as this in Liquid | Flow:


Apart from the Short Definition, all the fields are optional. Note that as the user types the short definition, it shows up in brackets after the glossary term in the heading, to better help the user see how it will potentially employed.

Further to the short definition, the user can:

  • Type a Long Definition with normal formatting including HTML
  • Specify that this entry is a: ‘Person, author’ or ‘company large’ etc….
  • Choose from a list of previously defined glossary terms which are presented in a popup, and assign a relationship to this using plain text which will be auto-completed based on previously used terms
  • Specify associated URLS with relationships, such as: ‘Person, author’ or ‘company large’ etc….

The user can click on the bottom left text to load and choose which wordpress blog this entry will be posted to.

We may also add a way for the user to specify a specific glossary here, rather than simply have all the terms go to a master glossary.

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